Oakenwards #21

Lyric was so pleased with her life at this moment. She made sure to wallow in the joy as much as she had time to. Setting up for the baby was of course taking more time and money then they had thought. Getting someone willing to work on the island took a lot of scheduling around everything. Toss in the extra shipping and the whole project was eating a hole in their budget. However Lyric had learned long ago that money came and went easily. That was never where she found her joy. Her joy was her growing family. The twins had slowly but surely accepted Orson into the family. The first breakthrough had surprised her because it came from Anderson. She wasn’t sure what had inspired him to do so but he invited Orson out for a night on the town.

01-26-18_3-23-41 PM
He is so dorky…

When Orson told her about how the night went she couldn’t help the smile. She knew that Orson couldn’t dance his way out of a paper bag. She could imagine Anderson’s dismay when he realized how bad it was. Orson said the night began with them dancing and ended with them talking. Most of it had centered on what Anderson wanted to do once he graduated. The big news happened for Orson as they had made their way home from the ferry. Anderson had stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. Orson had turned towards him eyebrows raised in question when Anderson had grabbed him into a clumsy hug. “Welcome to the family.” he mumbled quickly before turning away again and making his way to his bed.

01-26-18_3-32-45 PM
Oh, Wow guess he likes me now.

Cora’s welcome had been more subtle. Lyric and Orson had stopped by his uncles restaurant after yet another shopping trip for the baby. Partially to show off her belly and partially for the discounted food they could get there. As they finished their meal they spotted Cora. She was the entertainment that evening playing her violin. Lyric was surprised and a little worried that she hadn’t told the family. Orson had tried to reassure her by saying she was young.

12-06-17_11-06-14 PM
At least Orson isn’t acting starstruck.

Waiting until the end of her set they made their way up to the small stage and clapped wildly. The smile Cora gave them as she packed away the violin made Lyric feel a little better. As they chatted with her afterward Cora asked Orson if he had any advice since he had probably seen plenty of amateurs playing over the years. “You might want to practice singing.” “But I play violin.” said Cora confused. “Oh yes, I know but if you know how it is from the other side of the stage, you will be able to make the singer shine.” Nodding in understanding she had looked at Lyric and grinned “Did you really like it sis?” “Oh yes, I am so proud of you!”Lyric said, “Why didn’t you tell us you would be here.” “I didn’t want everyone here.” Cora looked down saying, “Just in case it went horribly.” I am glad you showed up when you did though.” It was a few days later that she invited Orson out. When they got back from their outing Orson said that she had taken him to an empty singers lounge. They had chatted and practiced for a few hours. One of the bartenders had kindly taken their picture as they were the only patrons. Apparently J had shown her the place so that she could practice in public without a crowd.

01-29-18_3-47-07 PM
I think I sound like a cat at least Orson is bad too

Lyric put her hand against her stomach and promptly received a kick. Grinning she looked over the cluttered field which was her family’s home. Soon there would be even more clutter she had everything on order for the twins birthday, and the baby furniture. One day there would be walls for now though joy and clutter were enough.


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