Oakenward #20

Anderson refused to talk to Lyric. He was careful to rush out to school in the mornings and to work late trying to avoid her. He was completely convinced that having a child would in some way doom her. Speaking with her father had not done her any good. He swore that he had never said the family curse had anything to do with pregnancy. It was finally Cora who told her what was going through Anderson’s mind. It was the blasted self-proclaimed Speaker for the Dead. He had told them as long as none of them had children they would live normal lifespans. They had tried to tell her about it. The night that she had flipped out about the curse. Anderson felt like it was his fault. That if he had told her sooner she would have chosen not to get pregnant. It took her a few days to actually catch him. She knew his pattern of avoidance too well for him to actually avoid her. In the end she simply waited at the docks one evening. When he saw her he kicked at the dirt in defeat. He knew that a talk was coming whether he wanted to talk or not.

01-22-18_5-58-45 PM
Ahh man how did she know I would be here.

Deciding to end his suffering quickly, she didn’t point out that she thought the whole curse thing was nonsense. Instead she simply said “Anderson, I was pregnant before you even spoke to the Speaker for the Dead. There was nothing you could have done to stop me either. I refuse to let something from our families past ruin my life or my children’s lives.” The different emotions chasing across his face after her words said it all. “How can you not care?” his voice was soft and bewildered. Shaking her head at him she replied “It’s not that I don’t care. It’s that I think you guys know I love you. So that makes it easy.” turning her head to look out across the ocean she continued “That’s what I learned from watching our parents die so early. Sure it was hard to make money. Hard to have time to go to school and care for you guys. The one thing they left me however was the knowledge that they loved us. That the Oakenward’s mattered.” He just stood there for a a few minutes seeming to actually be thinking. This time he wasn’t arguing on whether the curse was real or not. So maybe that was why he could listen. Anderson started to say something a few different times before finally managing to say softly “I think I get it.” She smiled gently as she put out her arms and let him hug her. Pretending not to hear his sniffles she said in a cheerful voice “So how was school this week?” A muffled “Boring” coming from the vicinity of where his face was shoved into her shoulder made her smile.

01-22-18_6-00-37 PM
OOhhhh It’s not my fault.

Life slowed down a little after that conversation with Anderson. As the calendar changed to winter the twins drama seemed to quiet. As if now the growing season was over the twins own tensions had eased. She wasn’t sure it was completely over but her pregnancy was taking up more of her time. So she decided to let her worries about the twins weird obsession with their families past rest. As she moved into the second trimester Lyric was beginning to think her stomach was selling tickets. It seemed to gather more attention then she did. While it was cute when her Orson wanted to sing to her stomach. The attention that her parents paid to her stomach was slightly off putting.

The questions and random information they heaped upon her about about how to raise their grandchild was getting overwhelming. After visiting the doctor and getting the due date. She and Orson realized that she had been pregnant since their fourth date. It would be surprising if the twins actually graduated before she had the baby. With that news her parents had gone into full advice mode. So it was with some relief that she waved good-bye to her parents as they took off for a day to themselves. Spending the first day of her maternity leave waddling around their property alone with Orson. Making plans on where they would put the babies things had made for a good day. As dusk began to creep in Orson got busy learning how to mix drinks. Preparation for the twins graduation party was mostly on his shoulders. With her due date they could not be sure if she would be able to reach the bar to do it herself. He found her joke about about her ticketmaster of a stomach a bit too hilarious for her taste. However before she got too upset by her whale like belly he began proclaiming that it was the ninth wonder of the world.

04-10-17_11-10-07 AM
Well I like it. That’s my baby!

Lyric let her mind wander as she munched on a light dinner. Anderson was doing much better with focusing on the here and now. She would often catch him smiling. He apparently found playing video games a great outlet. She had not seen him with any new girl. While that did throw up some caution signs he seemed to be happy. Cora was coasting with school. Once she had made honor roll her tactics had changed. She began to do as little as possible to keep her grades up. Instead she choose to focus more on her music and J. J was the guy that she had said she wasn’t too interested in. Apparently he had not been the dud she had thought he was originally. That was where she was tonight. they had a date at the restaurant where Lyric normally worked. Eager to see if her friend from work had followed through she checked her phone for pictures.

She hasn’t stopped joking around with him since they got here.

Thank goodness for good friends. Showing the picture to Orson and telling him the boys name began the endless discussion on baby names. Neither one of them really wanted to name their child a single letter like J’s parents apparently had. Though if they didn’t come up with something soon they might have no other choice. Orson had mentioned that he wanted something like her name. “Something to do with music” is all he kept saying. However Lyric could not think of a males name that sounded musical. She was bemoaning the fact that they had chosen not to get a sonogram. When Orson said excitedly “We could call it Opus.” “Opus? Really? That makes me think of an oboe. I don’t want to have an instrument. I want a baby.” Giggles forced themselves up her throat at Orson’s reaction. Which was to silently beat his head on the bar. It wasn’t long before they were both laughing. The sounds drowning out any sensible thought. By the time the laughter faded they were both sitting on one of the cots. Turning his head first left and then right as though checking the vicinity for something Orson leaned over to whisper in her ear. “You know we are finally alone right?”


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