Oakenward #19

Anderson and Cora had taken it in stride when she had apologized. She had heard them a few times over the next week whispering together. Their eyes darting toward her told her they were still talking about the curse. She choose to ignore it focusing instead on the upcoming family dinner. Lyric had taken Orson to the park to give him the news that she was pregnant. His reaction of pure joy had been just what she needed to hear. He of course wanted to move in immediately. She had managed to talk him into waiting until she could tell her family. His eagerness to be a part of her family surprised her. Of course Orson did not know all of her family’s craziness either.

04-04-17_2-40-26 AM
Whew, I didn’t know what to expect.

The day of the dinner she awoke with a jolt. Excitement laced with nervousness was at a constant buzz as she prepared the food. Finishing just as Orson got there she did the round robin of introductions. Anderson just looked at him with brooding eyes while Cora made small talk. Her father managed to distract Anderson’s stare for a little while by turning on the radio. Music still got Anderson to dance no matter what was going on. It was as Cora chatted with Orson that she realized she had still not told Orson about the supposed curse.

12-07-17_3-16-38 PM

Worry that one or the other of the twins would bring it up made her slightly edgy as the day went on. Pulling Orson to the side under the pretext that they were going to get dressed for the family dinner she hesitantly explained. “Orson, I” she began then faltered to a stop. “Okay, Orson” she began again before her voice faded again. By this time Orson’s face had grown concerned he said “Are you trying to break up with me?” “What!?” she exclaimed “NO!” It seemed easy at that point to say “My family thinks that we are cursed.” “Wait, What?” Orson’s face crinkled slightly with confusion as he said “You and me? Cursed? How?”

04-10-17_10-00-53 AM
What is she saying?

“Argh” Lyric groaned “Can I start over?” “Umm sure..” Orson looked as confused as she felt. She had never tried to explain her father’s theory to anyone outside her immediate family. She suddenly felt more of a kinship with Cora and Anderson. Most of their whispers were probably just as convoluted. “Ok, so I told you how Mom and Dad died. What I did not tell you is what my father has been saying caused it since he reappeared. He thinks that someone cursed our family and that we will all die young. Shrugging her shoulders at him Lyric went on “He has this theory that because his name wasn’t on the grim reaper’s list that it was a curse.” Orson just stood there for a minute before saying slowly “So your not breaking up with me and your family doesn’t hate me.” “Why would you think that.” Lyric said in confusion. “Well you brought me over here and couldn’t talk and when you could you said that they think we are cursed…Ohhh” he interrupted himself putting up his hands “Wait soo and your brother and sister believe him?” Relief that what she had said was beginning to sink in relaxed her tense muscles. “Yeah, they think that we are all gonna die early. I didn’t want you confused if they brought it up at dinner.” Breaking into laughter he pulled her close “Don’t worry about that. We will prove them wrong with time.”

04-10-17_10-07-53 AM
Maybe this will distract you from your family.

The sun was setting as they all settled down to eat at the table that her father had managed to rent. Unfortunately the budget did not include keeping it. Maybe one day she told herself. Looking around at her family as they chatted and laughed made her grateful to be surrounded by those that she loved. Cora seemed to be taking in the fact that Orson would be moving in soon in stride. Anderson on the other hand had made no comment on it. Orson and Orson seemed to be finding plenty of things in common. While one was alive and the other was a ghost they chatted as though nothing was out of the ordinary. If Lyric thought about her father being a ghost too long she could feel the old tension of loss and grief. Choosing to turn her mind away from it she just enjoyed the miracle of having her family around her.

04-10-17_10-32-39 AM
Can you believe it, hahahaa

As things began to settle down and the plates had been mostly emptied Lyric took a deep breath. Nodding at Orson so he would know what she was about to do Lyric stood up. “Ok, guys.” Looking down at Anderson and Cora she sent a silent plea that they took the news well. “Now that you know Orson is moving in. I can give you the rest of the news. Pausing she savored the moment before saying “I am pregnant.” Cora immediately jumped up and hugged her. Anderson on the other hand just looked at her for a few minutes. Sitting down she looked at him “What is it Anderson? Why are you so bothered?” He looked down at his plate before looking back at her. Then his voice quavering he said “Our family is cursed. Why would you bring another person into this world just to die.?” Lyric sat back feeling as though he had smacked her.

04-10-17_10-32-05 AM
Idiots they are both idiots.

Looking toward her Orson he said defensively “I don’t know if she bothered to tell you but we are cursed.” Orson closed his eyes for an instant as though counting to ten before saying “Whether or not your family is cursed does not matter. How about you focus on the fact that you are going to be an uncle soon. Your sister is having a child that would be good news to most people.” Standing abruptly Anderson shouted “It’s not good news! It’s a death sentence!” turning he stormed away. Lyric felt the tears on her cheeks before she even realized she was crying. Orson sat there looking like he was in shock as Cora rubbed her back trying to comfort her. Her father’s said shortly “I will talk to him.” before he disappeared. Taking long slow breaths seemed to calm her down slightly. By which time Orson was standing beside her. Looking up into his eyes she shrugged saying simply “Have to love a family dinner I guess .” His warm grin seemed to agree.


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