Oakenwards #18 Part 3

When she saw the twins shoulders slump she turned away. She didn’t want to know whatever new theory they were being told. By the time they got back home she was busily working on her bartending skills. Her irritation with the entire situation was beginning to boil over. Anderson tried to speak to her and she quickly interrupted him. No Anderson! There Is No Curse! That Is The End Of This! Cora managed to say “But!” when Lyric cut her off as well yelling. No! Just NO! We Are Not Discussing This! By this time both Anderson and Cora were standing in silent shock. Turning away from them she made her way down to the beach.

01-21-18_6-38-45 PM
Do they have to do this right now?

Her heart was still beating rapidly as she stared steadfastly out into the waves. Rolling in one after another they seemed to symbolize her life. It almost seemed like she was the sand being beaten over and over by the water. “Cursed,” she mumbled her voice disappearing under the sound of the waves. “Ha!” she yelled weakly. Looking down at her hands she imagined the ring was already there glinting happily. She had so much news to tell her family but they all seemed so lost in the past. It was frustration on a whole new level for her. There had been so much to tell when she came back from her last date with Orson which had been momentous.

04-04-17_2-41-55 AM
He said Yes!!!

She had been so tense that night that when he had said yes it had taken a few minutes to sink in. She was pretty sure “The conversation” they had after to celebrate had lead directly to the moodiness she was experiencing now. She wanted to be planning a wedding now. Not dealing with some crazy story from her parents past. As she stood there slowly calming down she put her hands on her stomach. If the mood swings stayed this bad her whole pregnancy she realized they were all in trouble. There was no option on waiting to give everyone the news. The twins were probably going to continue looking into a hopeless past. All she could do was show them that living in the now was better. Her shoulders were slightly damp by the time she turned away from the waves. Hopefully as the family grew they would be distracted enough to let this Curse nonsense go. Making her way back home she was relieved to find both of the twins already in bed. She had hoped to avoid everyone but of course her father’s ghost simmered into view. “Just what was that about Lyric?” He said with a stern voice. “I know you are not comfortable with what happened to us but taking it out on your brother and sister that way is NOT OK.” He stood there arms crossed glaring. Lyric groaned “Ugh, fine Dad I will tell you on the condition that you don’t say a word to the twins.”

02-11-17_2-22-34 PM
I mean really how could you miss it?

Tossing her jacket aside and pulling her shirt tight across the small lump that was growing in her stomach she said “This is why I am so moody. That grandchild you want sooo bad is on its way and I can’t tell anyone because all they want to talk about is death.” It seemed to take him a few moments to digest. The first look across his face was concern then astonishment quickly followed. “A grandchild?” he said his voice trembling with excitement “Really!” he disappeared for an instant then reappeared with her mother in tow. “Tell her, Tell her!” he said gleefully. Smiling at his reaction she broke the news to her Mom feeling a little more happy. “Your going to have a grandchild.” she said looking at her Mom her Moms face lit up as she said “Is it that Orson fellow you have been talking about. Is he the father?” Nodding her head Lyric said “I want the twins to meet him before I tell them I’m pregnant.” Well I understand that but your gonna want to hurry.” Lyric nodded “I know, I was about to tell dad that we need to order a real dining table. I want to have a family dinner and break the news then.” Exhaustion from the emotional day was beginning to creep in. “Do you think you could maybe find one on the computer?” she said looking at her father. I have to work tomorrow and it would speed up the process. “Of course, of course.” he said “You just worry about getting that Orson fellow here. I will get everything else set up.” Nodding she made her way to her own bed. Falling asleep to the sound of her parents excited muttering she realized she hadn’t told them she was engaged yet.


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