Oakenwards #18 Part 2

Bracing herself for bad news she said “What do you mean, Anderson?” He glanced at her uneasily before turning his head to stare out the window. Seeming to change the subject he said “You think I don’t remember that night. You think we were too young to remember.” Lyric’s breath caught in her throat reaching to touch his shoulder she said ‘I had to hope.”

02-07-17_2-40-22 PM
What is going on?

“Why did he take them both he didn’t seem that cruel.” Anderson went on looking in her eyes as though trying to catch her in a lie. “He was gentle when he shushed me. Dad says that he is coming back. What I want to know is, is she gonna be ok?” pointing toward his sister Anderson looked at her as if she could really answer his question. Lyric just gazed at him for a few minutes as she murdered her father in her mind. Finally she said “I am not sure about any of it ,Anderson. Only what Dad has told me, which I take with a grain of salt.” Shrugging her shoulders at him she continued “He is dead after all and I don’t know how much of what he says is true.”

01-14-18_11-25-44 PM
Trust me it’s not a big deal.

“But what if he is right? What if death is coming for us just because we are Oakenward’s.” Andersons voice held a note of genuine fear. Sighing she reached out and grabbed his hand “If and that’s a big if. If what dad is saying is true then we keep living our lives. We focus on the good things in life. We look for the joy in the small things. We always make sure that everyone we love knows that we love them.” Blinking at her in confusion Anderson said “But we should fight it shouldn’t we?” Lyric shook her head at him saying “How much good did that do dad? He tried to fight the grim and died.” “I don’t mean physically Lyric, I mean figuring out why and finding out how to stop it.” he said. “If there is anything to stop Anderson. I don’t think there is. I think dad is upset that they died young.” Lyric continued “So he is trying to blame a conspiracy. Mom was the one who died first and she had all kinds of problems with her brain it could have an aneurysm. Dad only died because he tried to fight The Grim Reaper that night.”

01-14-18_11-21-14 PM
She is just not taking this serious is she?

Leaning back against his seat Anderson went quiet for a few minutes his eyes back on the scenery flashing by the bus. Lyric waited knowing that he was not finished finally Anderson spoke again. “I am still going to do some research ,maybe I can find out something. Cora is always saying that knowing something is better than not. If it ends up that its nothing at least I will know for sure.” “Ok Anderson, if that is what you want to do I understand. Just don’t let your grades drop.” Smiling faintly at her he said “It always comes back to the grades huh?”

Over the next few days as life whizzed by she often saw Anderson and Cora standing at their parents grave talking. Sometimes to each other sometimes to their father. Often she would get back from work and find Anderson working on the computer. When she asked his answer was simply curse research. She was beginning to worry that they were going to waste their last year in school obsessed with their parents death and the supposed curse. Just as the leaves began to turn they brought up the fact that they had an expert. Happy excitement seemed to follow them the day they were to meet him. Lyric had news of her own that she wanted to share, news about here and now. However the twins seemed so wrapped up in thoughts of the Curse she kept her news to tell later. She didn’t want it tainted by their morbidity. She also kept her doubt to herself as she watched them excitedly talking to their father. As evening rolled in and they went to the docks to meet the man, Lyric strolled to the edge of the bluff to watch them. She refused to give any credence to anything to do with a curse. At this point in her life there was too many reasons that a curse could not be believed for her own sanity. She stood there watching over them as Anderson and Cora talked to him, this man who said he could talk with the dead.

12-07-17_3-42-45 PM
There is something affecting your family…but its not going to affect either one of you.

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