Oakenward #18 Part 1

Hey guys this one is running pretty long. So I will publish it 3 days running and in 3 parts.

It was the twins senior year and the closer the twins got to their graduation the quicker the clocks ran. Lyric felt as though there was never enough time in the days. Trying to spend time with the twins, Orson, and working towards a promotion was wearing her out. When she actually got the promotion it helped surprisingly little. Lyric tried not to put too many expectations on herself. She was slowly learning there was only so many hours in a day. She and Orson had spent another great date together.04-04-17_2-41-21 AM This time they were both awake. Wandering around the old quiet park amongst the pockets of trees and old ruins. Had lead them from great conversation to wink wink great conversation. She was loving any time they actually got to spend together. It was after their nudge, wink, conversation that he had mentioned wanting to meet her brother and sister.  He had a sister of his own. While she had meet some of his family on that first crazy night out. He still had not meet the twins. At the time it had seemed as though it would be no problem.

01-16-18_3-12-58 PM
You guys need to let her have a life.

However, now that Anderson and Cora knew that she was seeing someone they had both become oddly possessive of her time. Their Dad had spoken to them about it and reassured Lyric that all she needed to do was spend some one on one time with them. Deciding to make good use of one of her new personal days she took a day off. Informing the twins they were playing hooky for a day had been fun. Anderson’s glee was balanced by Cora’s concern about her GPA.  It was the main topic of their conversation on the bus. Anderson’s excited “Look!” as they pulled up to the spa told Lyric she had made the right call on the destination. “Isn’t this where we went when we were little.” said Cora childlike excitement tinging her voice. “They have THE Best Bathes!” As they all piled out in front of the spa Lyric grinned and said “Well I figured you guys were big enough to enjoy some of their other amenities now. With this promotion to the catering service I have enough money for us to really enjoy it. So, how about massages first.” Cora jumped in place lightly with excitement.  Anderson however began to edge away eyes glued to the spa windows “umm” he said uncomfortably “I think I will just go fishing.” Confused Lyric looked at him then through the windows of the spa where he was staring. Spotting the cute masseuse she suddenly understood. He was a teenage boy after all.  “Ok, that way Cora and I can have some girl time.” she said quickly. Hoping that Cora hadn’t noticed his awkwardness. Waving his hand Anderson quickly made his way across the street towards the lakes public access.12-06-17_11-26-36 PM While Cora and Lyric changed for their massages Cora had told Lyric about a date that she had lined up with none other than J Huntington. Lyric couldn’t help but shake her head at the news J came from one of the founding families in Willow Creek and was a known playboy.  Cora in perfect imitation of Anderson’s voice said “I’m not too interested  in him but they All like me. Switching back to her own voice she went on to say that J was the one doing the chasing. They were still chuckling at her whimsy as they settled in for the luxurious massage. It wasn’t too long before Cora’s chattering changed to mumbles then silence. Lyric happily drifted off under the talented hands of her masseuse.  12-06-17_11-15-33 PM

Waking up to Cora saying “I am going to try the meditation class.”  Lyric tried to pretend she hadn’t fallen asleep.  She knew she was busted when Cora continued with “You might want to check out the coffee place next door.” After she got dressed she double checked on Cora who looked rather busy before making her way to the little bistro next to the spa. The fact was she had dreamed of the wonderful smells of that little shop. When she had brought the twins for their first baths so long ago the smell had become integral to the memory. Thinking back to how happy they had both been made her smile. Pushing the door open she took a deep breathe and …yup still smelled wonderful. The sight that greeted her caused her to stop for a moment. It was always a funny feeling when you ran into someone you knew without planning too. Standing in front of the barista stood her Orson. 12-06-17_11-32-53 PMLaughing and talking as they shared their coffee she kept an eye on the time. She did want to spend some actual quality time with Anderson. Explaining why she seemed so distracted to Orson his easy reply “Guess we better hurry then.” eased her tension. Once they finished their delicious snack he walked with her back the spa. Giving her a quick hug he brushed off her apologies saying “Any sensible man knows his best friend needs to spend time with her family. Not that I am just a friend mind you.” Giving her a half grin he sauntered away. 12-06-17_11-17-36 PMRuffled as always whenever Orson had been around. It took her a few minutes to find Cora and Anderson. The soft ripple of the waterfalls around the yoga room hid the sound of their exact words. However looking at them she got another flash of who they would be as adults. Walking over to them she faked still being tired by dangling her arms around her knees. Lyric was quickly rewarded with contagious giggles from both of them. Always quick with a joke, Anderson found that reason enough to tease her about her age for the rest of the class. 12-06-17_11-35-02 PMEvening was creeping in by the time they all loaded back on the bus. Sitting together, it did not take Cora long to be asleep her head nodding gently to the side. The sounds of the tires on the road mingling with the soft voices of the people around them created a pocket of privacy around the twins and Lyric. Anderson stared at Cora for a few moments before softly saying “Lyric, is she gonna be ok?” Surprised by the serious cast of his face she said “I think so..I don’t think Quinton did any real damage.” Rolling his eyes at her, he tilted his head to show his disdain for that idea. “No, I am not talking about Quinton.”  Then what? Lyric was truely bewildered. Had something happened? Something that she didn’t know about? Bracing herself for bad news she said “What do you mean, Anderson?”


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