Oakenward #16

There so much that Lyric could not understand. If she was honest with herself there was a lot that she did not want to understand. Her father and mother seemed to be playing some sort of soap opera drama between themselves. She would see them often in the distance gesticulating emphatically arms waving through the air. Anytime she asked what was going on between them monosyllabic answers would be the best she could get from them.

03-22-17_9-32-39 PM
Just what in the world are they talking about.

Then toss in Orson. Their time together had been wonderful that first night. However managing to cram time into their already busy and conflicting schedules to see each other was causing problems. What with taking care of Cora and Anderson’s increasing interests in love and work she had to juggle six things to get the time to go on one date.

He is soo……

They had decided to meet up at the city park in San Mysuno. Late in the evening was all that they could squeeze onto both their schedules. In fact it was so late they were both tired. The only part of the park they visited was the museum. They just sat in the lobby and talked about their careers and families. If Lyric was honest with herself while the chemistry between them was still strong it seemed neither one of them had the guts or energy to show it.

Is he even interested?

An awkward hug had signalled the end of the date. Both of them staggering off for home in different directions. She couldn’t help feeling some sadness about it all. It had flamed so quickly between them that first night. Then weeks of struggle to see each other.  It seemed time itself was pushing him away.

12-01-17_10-30-38 AM
We have all changed so much since school.

While the instinct to wallow about it all was strong. A phone call from one of her old school friends had helped. She had wanted to get together in town and Lyric had happily taken the distraction. Beginning the evening chattering together at their old hang out in the park. They moved on to the Cafe when it started to get dark on them.

12-01-17_10-38-25 AM
What, who are you?

She had not mentioned Orson to any of her friends yet, she was not even sure where they stood anymore. So when a guy started chatting them up they were quick to encourage her to talk to him.  Apparently she was moving to slow for their taste in the romance department.

12-01-17_10-43-27 AM
You are certainly quicker than Orson, don’t mind flirting at all do you.

As soon as he came over to introduce himself they all quickly found excuses to leave.  One of them even winked and leered at her as she gave a lame excuse of laundry needing to be done. Her giggles could be heard trailing behind her as she left.

12-01-17_10-45-41 AM
Wow he sure is enthusiastic about fitness.

Lyric and Pablo hit it off pretty quickly chatting easily.  Which did nothing to lessen her confusion about Orson. She still ended the night out when Pablo started trying to give her his number. The ferry ride back to the island had given her time to come to the conclusion that she was still lost. She had her pick of guys if she wanted however the time to see any of them seemed to be missing.

02-28-17_11-23-34 PM
What!! Just What!!

Making her way to the Oakenward land the sight that met her eyes just made her shake her head. Love in all its different incarnations seemed to randomly affect everyone around her.  First herself then her brother and sister. Now her parents were apparently pursuing their love. Even after all they went through during their lives. While part of her was slightly appalled she couldn’t fault them. Her last thought as she went to sleep was she was beginning to feel like a grumpy bewildered old man about the whole situation.


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