Oakenwards #15

Teenagers playing with love were a headache to say the least. After Cora’s heartbreaking debacle there was Anderson. It seemed the Universe had heard her that night when she had been comforting Cora. She never saw him with the same girl more than once. First it was a friend of Cora’s, next a random girl he had meet while out dancing then someone he meet in the city.

Lyric could see that the last girl he had brought home was starting to develop a crush on him. By the time she left with a casual wave from Anderson. Lyric was seeing Cora’s crying face superimposed over hers. Lyric knew that it was time for a talk with him. Even though she was slightly embarrassed by the whole situation.

12-07-17_2-31-00 PM
Oh dear she has the glazed look of puppy love.

The next morning at breakfast she brought it up. “Anderson I am aware that you are having fun with all these girls.”  Anderson looked at her and laughed sheepishly “Oh no your not gonna give me The Talk are you?”  “In a sense, yes.” she replied. He shifted uncomfortably at that. “You have brought home and spent the night flirting with not one girl but four different ones in the last week.” He began smiling again at hearing his record. “Yea, girls seem to really like hanging out with me.”

02-21-17_6-16-26 PM
Seriously? You need to listen Anderson.

“Yes, they do Anderson. However, lately with your string of girls you are becoming a bit of a jerk.” Lyric snapped. “Hey! What, why do you say that.” He blurted. Glancing across the table at Cora Lyric shook her head before continuing “Last night that girl was truly interested in you. She wasn’t just having fun.” Gesturing at him emphatically she said “By the time she left you could practically see little hearts dancing around her head.” His face had gotten more serious as Lyric had gone on. “But!” was all he managed to say before Cora slammed her spoon into her yogurt and walked away. “I was just having fun.” he said weakly.

02-21-17_6-18-54 PM
Really Anderson? I bet this is what Quinton is like when I am not around.

“I get that Anderson but how about you get to know those girls one at a time.” Lyric said. “Without the constant flirting.”  ” I don’t flirt constantly.” he said quickly. His voice gaining back some confidence. “Quinton didn’t flirt constantly with your sister did he?” Lyrics voice was flat. “He still broke her heart, Anderson. You are at the age where it matters what you say and do with girls.”  Anderson looked like he was trying to think of a defense. Then Cora who was studiously playing her violin on the other side of the yard by that point hit a particularly screechy note.  His shoulders slumped as he said “I hear you, Lyric.”

Anderson  proceeded to go meditate after their talk. Before finding his dad’s ghost to have a heart to heart. As soon as he was done talking with his dad he went over to Cora apparently to apologize. When dusk began to creep towards them putting a rosey hue in the air. They were happily sprawled out in their favorite spot. Joking about which cloud looked more like a grumpy cat. 12-01-17_11-28-23 AM

Lyric took a few moments away from practicing her bartending to listen to their soft chuckles drifting across the yard. She was glad to have had some sort of impact on him. A few weeks ago she had been all set to leave all the intrigue and responsibilities behind. In this moment though with the peacefulness of evening hovering around them she thanked the universe for helping her stay. Teenagers and familial love how could you want more.


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