Oakenward #14

Love seemed to be everywhere for Lyric now. She watched as the twins began to find out about love with a mixture of hope and fear. It started with overhearing Cora speaking to her brother about it. It was Quinton who was Anderson’s best friend who she had a crush on. She thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Cora had watched him befriend her brother when he was at his saddest from their parents death. Which apparently made him a hero.

Lyric supposed that’s when Cora had first noticed him. Anderson had told Cora to hurry up and tell him she had a crush on him before graduation and they all went their separate ways. He had said that she would regret not knowing if she ever had a chance. It was sweet watching how the twins cared for each other.

So she was supposed to tell him soon Of course the pressure to tell him seemed to have doubled on Cora now that Anderson knew how she felt about him. Lyric watched as Cora worked up her nerves. It seemed as though she would never say anything or have a chance to say anything now that Anderson was involved.

There was their homework which Anderson managed to make more awkward by sitting as far away as he could and still hear what was being said by them. On another night they had dinner together unfortunatly Anderson took every opportunity to brag on Cora.  He didn’t seem to notice the silent death glares she kept sending his way. He went on so long about how great she was that Quentin had had to go home before curfew hit. When Lyric spoke to Cora she had to admit she was almost glad he had to go before she said anything. Maybe she would say something the next day. The next day while they did their homework Cora spoke to Anderson . Once she got his promise that he would leave them alone if she invited Quentin over she proceeded to give him a call. 

Lyric watched as Cora hurriedly set the scene that she wanted Quinton to see when he got there. She just so happened to be playing her violin when he arrived. Looking at him from the corner of her eyes as she played she caught the look a bliss on his face as he listened. Turning her head slightly so only Lyric could see her face she let a smile shine for a moment. 

Warming him up with a few jokes and a little flirting seemed to give her much more confidence. Everything seemed to be going without a hitch the next time he came over. He came over without Cora having to invite him. Supposedly to see her brother but he spent his time joking  and listening to her practicing. 

When Lyric hollored for her to get changed they were headed into town she asked him to wait while she got ready. She wanted to see if he could come with them. Shrugging his shoulders he said that it would be fine. Changing as quickly as she could she went back to Quentin. The way his eyes widened as she approached him made her spine straighten. Lyric was to far away to hear the exact words that Cora said to him. Although the way he flinched back told her everything.  Lyric had to fight the urge to smack Quinton as he made a awkward farewell.  However it was more important that she be there for Cora. Telling her father to take Anderson out for the evening. She went to find Cora that first heartbreak was never easy. Finding her at their parents grave she just put her arms around her and let her sob it out. Lyric was reminded of her mom doing the same thing for her with her first crush. Funny how life seemed to be going full circle. Squeezing Cora gently she sent a wish to the universe to protect Anderson from heartache.


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