Here We Go!!!

So as you guys know my blog came to a stumbling standstill. Here you get the real story as to why and a little good news if you have enjoyed the Oakenwards.

As I got more involved with the blog I found myself more interested in how people got those amazing shots in other sim lit stories. The ones that make you curious as to how they got them. If you play the Sims you know most don’t just happen. That lead me down a giant rabbit hole of mods and programs…Now to understand why that’s a bad thing you need to understand what I type my blog on…

So ummm as you can see it has seen better days and well some of the stuff I was asking of it was truly just too much. Thus happened the Great Computer Battle of 2017. I lost the Oakenwards, any time I tried to play I would get the white screen of death. Then my gallery library started deleting my builds and my frustrations mounted. Thinking I had found a work around by Crinchett I tried to recover the Oakenwards to no avail. By mid August I threw up my hands in despair. I told myself once I got a new computer I would begin again.

October came and family obligations took me out of town which of course short circuited the financial plans of getting a new computer. The Oakenwards remained in my head however Lyric popping into my mind with opinions at random times. My grown rl kids kept doing things that reminded me of Cora and Anderson. The panic of Orson trying to communicate with the coming generations kept bothering me. Finally I sat down in front of my lil duck taped buddy and plugged him back in. The ghost of the The Great Computer Battle tried to take me down again. This time by way of the Ether net connection flickering intermittently like a cheap 80’s horror movie.

However I was prepared…by way of my cell phone. Removing the mods and updating my game took 2 days yes full 10 hour days. I must say I lurked alot on the Sims 4 forums by way of my phone. As search after search took me back there with different explanations on how to fix things. With rewarding sneaks over to the Creative Corner’s writers lounge on my phone while I waited for the internet to reconnect. Going with one mod deaderpools Master Controller instead of twenty and no special studio stuff on the computer. I won a small battle. With the final repairs of the game the Oakenwards were pulled from the electronic abyss. After doing the happy dance with my rl dog I got down to business. I let myself play the Oakenwards back to where they were before The Great Computer Battle. It was so great to see them. Their story bubbled just beneath the surface. Stopping to write was a pleasure even if it was done on my phone. However when it came time to add the pictures I realized I had a big problem. Pulling back on my stubborn helmet however I went back to war. Sorting my screenshots took a few moments however getting them online one at a time took much longer as you can imagine flicker…flicker. The war however was won The Oakenwards are back. While I will be able to officially say I will post once a month. If all goes well and the flickering stays where it’s at I should be able to post more often. So happy dance and we can…….


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