Oakenward #13

That evening when Lyric got home for work she heard her mother and father arguing before she even saw them. She just stood there for a moment letting their angry words wash past her. She couldn’t really make out the words that were being tossed around by the two of them. The sounds of the ocean waves hid enough of the conversation that what she could hear didn’t make much sense.  She was glad. She was sick and tired of dealing with her family’s problems. So much had been left to her to deal with.

04-03-17_6-17-03 PM
Really don’t want to hear it.

Turning around she walked down to the pier to catch the next ferry out. Anderson and Cora were older than she had been when she had to deal with life on her own they would be fine. She was on the bus out of town before she felt the first twinge of guilt. Shaking it off she napped until she got to San Mysuno she wasn’t really sure where she was going or for how long she just needed a break.

04-03-17_6-20-25 PM
Wow Cora is soo much beter.

She ended up back in the same area that she had grown up in before life had gone haywire. Still sleepy she decided to spend a few bucks at the karaoke bar to get a singing room to herself.

04-03-17_6-25-44 PM
Hope I don’t get busted.

When she woke up her first thought was of her brother and sister. She hoped they had made it to school alright. Quickly followed by disgust with her father. What had he expected of her.  She had already given up so much of her life to his family and his mistakes. Not wanting to be banned from the bar for napping she looked through the song selections and found the perfect song.

04-03-17_6-24-30 PM

By the time she was done singing ” These Boots Were Made for Walking” she was basically bellowing the lyrics. Feeling a little better about it all she went outside to see if she could find some of their old friends.

04-03-17_6-45-34 PM
I wonder how the kids are doing?

It was good to see her mom’s old girlfriends. Though she did have to tell a few fibs about an “uncle” that didn’t really exist taking care of them until she became a legal adult. They seemed impressed that she was moving up in her profession, and excited to hear all about Anderson and Cora. It was a nice lunch that ended on a bittersweet note when one of them asked if she had a man of her own yet. Did life always have to revolve around a guy? She had done just fine on her own.  She was still slightly irritated by it all when she ran into him.

04-03-17_6-33-26 PM

They had talked until they got hungry. At which point he invited her to his family’s restaurant in Willow Creek. It had surprised both of them when he kissed her right in front of his uncle.

04-03-17_10-13-10 PM
Well hello mister..

The day wasn’t out before she took him to the island. She had just wanted to show him around her neighborhood. However the heat between them decided that they would go a different route. She had to admit finding a boyfriend wasn’t such a chore after all.

04-03-17_10-36-01 PM

She went home the next morning.  She waited till everyone else was gone to school and work.  She wasn’t quite ready to talk to her father yet. The fact was he had made her feel as though she was only good to have babies to carry the family name forward. Yes, she wanted a family of her own one day his words had not changed that. What they had done was make her feel insignificant.

04-03-17_10-42-21 PM

Lying down in her spot she stared into the sky. Listening to the distant waves she drifted in her thoughts.  She knew that her father could stick his foot in his mouth. Seemed being a genius encouraged that. She also knew that she did not have all the information when it came to her mom and him. It often felt like she was going through life with blinders, like she was missing something of vital importance.

04-03-17_6-34-31 PM

Meeting him seemed to fill in a lot of the blanks.  They had just meet and she could already understand her father’s behavior around her mom better.  Lyric sat up quickly to the thought going through her mind love will make anyone crazy.  LOVE. The word echoed through her igniting fear and happiness in equal measure. No, she shook her head. No, not yet I just met him. Standing trying to physically move away from her own thoughts she mumbled out loud to herself  “Besides his name is Orson that is just creepy.”

04-04-17_2-10-50 AM
Oh no

Of course as soon as she said Orson out loud her dad popped into view.  “Look Lyric, I am so sorry please hear me out.” He said practically tripping over his words.  “I did not mean what it sounded like I meant.”  “I mean I do want you to have kids but not like I mean that is to say I think I said it wrong.” Looking at her with his hands outstretched as though to keep her there he took a deep breath and said “Can I try again?”  The hurt part of her wanted to snap his head off. However the new happiness that she had found gave her the strength to say “Ok dad, you get one more try.” “You better get it right this time.”

04-03-17_6-13-20 PM
You are such a !!!!

“It was your mom that got it through to me what I had said wrong.”  “I was not trying to say that you were only here to have babies.” His voice was so full of earnest anxiety that Lyric turned her head away so he wouldn’t see her smile.  Wow, her mom knew her dead or alive she knew exactly how Lyric would take it. “I was trying to tell you that I was worried about you having a good life.” “You work all the time.” “The best part of my life was having kids.” “Granted marrying your mom was up there in the top 4 moments of my life but having you and your brother and sister those were the best moments.”  “I want you to have the best moments Lyric.”  “I worry when you put so much attention on getting money and making Anderson and Cora’s life easier.”  “I worry you will not give the rest of the experiences of life a chance or that you will miss it.”  “I want our family to grow so that you will get that those perfect moments.” Turning her head back toward him with tears in her eyes Lyric said “You got it right that time dad.”


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