Oakenward #12

.’;,,,;][[[[[23829534;'[]\\;’  Can you hear me. I hope so I am still getting used to using technology in this form. I have seen my son use it. Hopefully I am going about this the correct way. I am Orson Lyric’s father I know that she writes about her life here. I hope that at some point in the future someone in this family will read about this. She has gone to work. I can’t talk to her about the things that are truly going on in the background of her life. She is too fragile.  I am afraid to much happened to her in her young life for her to accept the full horror that will follow our family. That will follow her. She is building your future home and raising Cora and Anderson.  I write this with the hope that she managed to have a family of her own.  I try to remind her to go out as often as possible if there is any chance for our family she must have a child soon. As you know we Oakenward’s die young. So if there is going to be a family she really needs to get out more. Anyways back to why I am writing this I saw something on our property last night.  I have heard whispers of these creatures.  I had hoped that at least out here on our island we wouldn’t have to worry about them.
03-23-17_1-52-05 AM

I am not sure why he was here but he woke me from my sleep. Creeping past our beds. In this time in our family we still live outdoors. I used my abilities to make him leave.  I must admit I feel rather proud of that. Just scared him repeatedly until he left.03-23-17_1-53-56 AM

I’ve done some research which is much easier on this contraption than writing let me tell you. That is the reason I am in a hurry to get you this information. I wasted enough figuring out how to put this here without her seeing. It seems such a simple thing really I have already got the protection in place I just want you to know so you don’t get rid of it thinking it is nothing important.03-23-17_2-42-26 AM

It’s the garlic plant you will hopefully have some still growing that should keep you safe at least from those creatures. I will also leave you with some hope on the family curse. There is a way to stop it. I got that much information from Grim when we talked he is a hard being to pin down. Oh dear.. I hear the kids home must hide this now. ,.;’]\[,.’;[\/.,;’\][.,./;'[]]

02-28-17_11-59-07 PM

Lyric had to admit that teen’s had their moments. When nothing could be impressive, nothing could please them. However Cora and Anderson did not seem to have them often thank goodness.  Most days she would get home to see them doing homework and chatting with her father. 03-22-17_7-43-35 PM

Poor Cora had been ill this week Lyric was pretty sure it was the chicken pox. She had woken up with a high fever at which point Lyric had told her no school. Not at all out of character with her book loving self Cora had not been amused.03-22-17_8-20-17 PM (2)

However by the time night fell that day she seemed to be glad of the sick day. She ended up covered in spots before the medicine came by ferry.03-22-17_7-46-23 PM Lyric had been relieved to see it arrive and had her take it immediately upon its arrival. Anderson had looked on with amusement making chicken sounds as she took the medicine. He was still young enough not to understand the very real danger to his sister. 03-22-17_9-23-15 PM

Lyric had hidden her relief by telling them they were going out the next day after school. It was a rare enough treat that they both seemed to have trouble going to sleep that night. The next day found them on their way  to San Mysuno again. Her fathers words of caution about the city fading even farther back in her mind.03-23-17_12-51-04 AM

Music had filled the square and Cora’s eyes had lit with joy to be surrounded with the things she loved. Anderson threw down on his spare dance mat that he had brought with him. Seeing that they were both entertained Lyric ducked into the karaoke place right next to the square. She was hoping to get some tips on mixology and found herself making friends as well.

She had enjoyed herself chatting glancing up occasionally to check on Cora and Anderson through the window. However the time to go came quickly when she glanced up and saw who Cora was talking too. At least her new friend had the sense to look a little nervous.03-23-17_12-57-08 AM

When they had gotten home Cora had immediately picked up her violin and begun playing pointedly ignoring Lyrics distress. While Anderson had wondered off to practice more dance moves oblivious to the supernatural problems. 03-23-17_2-14-54 AMLyric had yelled for her father until he faded into sight. “We saw the Grim again.” Lyric spit out the words angry that they couldn’t even go into the city without trouble rearing its ugly head.

“Lyric you are a Oakenward of course you saw him.” he said. “Did you happen to meet any nice boys?”

“What are you talking about?” she said exasperated. “We saw the Grim!

“Yes, you did, and you will again” was his calm reply.  Looking over at Anderson and Cora he said “However they are not harmed and neither are you.” “The truly important thing that someone needs to be yelling about is the one thing that I asked of you.” “You have not even started on yet.”

“WHAT!?”   Lyric said. Confused by the simple dismissal of the Grim and the change in subject.

“As a matter of fact you haven’t” Orson interrupted. “I asked you to help this family to grow.” “Time is running out and you haven’t even gone on a date yet.”  Lyric felt her jaw drop in shock.

“THAT’S… what you meant by help the family grow.” “You want me to get married?” “I just turned eighteen” “Don’t you think I am a little young for that?”03-23-17_2-15-20 AM

“Married?” his voice echoed his shock at the statement. “NO, not married that would be ridiculous at such a young age.” “You just need to be working on the next heir”  at her blank look at that odd statement. He closed his eyes and said “You would need to have a baby to grow the family.” “You can’t do that if you work constantly.” The words seemed to lose sound as Lyric tried to process what he had just said. Her own father was trying to pimp her out. Just as her brother and sister were finally getting to an age that she might have some time for herself and her own life. He wanted her to have a baby?!

“You need to go.” she said quietly. Then with more strength “Go Dad.” “JUST GO!”


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