Oakenward #11

There was only so much Lyric could build on her own. Even buying at the flea market had become a little dicey. Not everything that came from there was something that could be used with no problems. She did not think she would ever forget getting home from work late in the evening. With a blazing fire from the oven lighting up the night.02-28-17_10-53-44 PM Sure she had been able to put it out. It had made her feel rather like a super hero hanging on to the fire extinguisher while it blew white chemicals everywhere.02-28-17_10-54-36 PM However the loss of the stove that she had found at the flea market, plus the counters that had taken so long to pay for hit her hard. 02-28-17_10-55-00 PM Anderson had finally seen their parents that night. Granted it was while her dad yelled at their mom about causing the fire. So it wasn’t a fun time for him either. She had let herself cry quietly in bed after the twins went to sleep. She knew their birthday was coming up and she could only hope she could get the kitchen pulled back together again.02-28-17_10-58-18 PM

It was with her first call to fix the kitchen that she realized the obstacles of living on an island. Sure she could hire the contractors to build their house. However it would be a while before the supplies would get all the way out to the island. Even then there would only be so much that could be shipped over the ocean at once. Looking at the options that were left Lyric decided on using the insurance payoff from the stove combined with her first few paychecks to buy a new stove and a computer to be shipped out. Crossing her fingers she hoped the stuff would get there before the twins birthday.

02-28-17_6-49-34 PM

Her father had been good about not bringing up her mother’s supposed curse. Although after the stove incident Lyric did wonder to herself if maybe he was right. Things did seem to go a little wrong whenever she was around. Lyric knew it still bothered him. She had been walking back home from collecting insects to sell when she had spotted him weeping quietly at her mother’s grave. He had seemed so alone and lost she had just silently hugged him.

03-02-17_4-12-17 PM

Something did change between her father and mother a few days later she was sure of that. She had spotted them while she was at work. It had looked like they were on a date. It had been a busy night so she couldn’t really tell. She did hope death was going right for them at least.02-27-17_2-53-04 AM

As the days passed and the twins birthday crept closer Lyric took to working furiously in the garden. She worked to distract herself from the worry of not being able to get the twins a birthday cake. She knew the presents that she would give them each. Cora would get a violin. One that would fit her. The one Lyric had gotten her so long ago seemed to be shrinking. Cora was growing so fast and soon it would no longer fit in her hands. 02-25-17_12-21-05 AM Anderson would get a dance mat something he could bust a move on. It seemed as though whenever a spare moment was around she would find him dancing. However even with the presents she wanted to get them a cake they had already missed one in their short lifes.02-24-17_11-11-45 PM

She also worked in the garden to get a thick hedge grown. Something that would give them all some privacy while they waited for the convenience of walls. She had spent some time at the library researching how to build outdoor plumbing. Feeling confident in her skills she was ready to get them an outdoor bathroom built.02-28-17_5-10-59 PM

She was tired of visiting the bushes every night. The itchy feeling that came  from going to the bathroom outdoors never went away until she could make it to the gym for a shower. Add to that the fact that she knew it wasn’t very hygienic, she couldn’t get the hedge grown fast enough02-07-17_4-51-03 PM

The morning of the twins birthday rolled in and there was still no oven delivery. It was with a wistful heart that she watched them jog to their bus stop one last time. They were growing up so fast. Tomorrow they would be catching rides with their friends to school until they could get their own cars.

02-27-17_11-46-43 AM

Looking around the yard she went to check the hedge to distract herself from worrying about the stove delivery.  She realized she could begin working on the plumbing after one last trim of the hedges. The first thing she got put up was the shower. She had seen pictures of it when she had done the research. Sure you could see some of the logs holding it together along the edges. However the difference that it would make in all their lives made it seem more beautiful than the most elegant tub in the fanciest house.

03-17-17_10-30-00 PM

As she finished hooking up the old toilet that she had gotten weeks ago at the flea market her mom popped in to say hello of course as soon as she did the toilet clogged. She snapped at her mom before she could manage to bite her tongue. She tried to apoligize by explaining about the stove not being there yet. As her mom faded from view Lyric wasn’t sure that she believed her.

02-28-17_6-47-33 PM

Finishing up the bathroom just as the twins got home. Lyric sighed with relief as she saw the delivery man trudging up the hill behind them hauling their new stove and computer.03-17-17_10-02-42 PM

The twins excited voices talking about the new computer carried across the air as she baked their cake. Encouraging all the memories that she had of their first school years. Sure they were not fully grown, they were not moving out that day but it was closer than it was yesterday. So she let her mind drift as she stirred. They had started out with it so rough they were always tired. Now however life was looking up.

So much had happened. There was so much to be grateful for. They seemed closer than ever to each other and Lyric.  They both seemed to be moving forward with their lives now. As Lyric looked at it closely she realized they were stronger for the early tragedy that had marked their lifes. The oven timer began beeping saying that the cake was done just as the sun set. Calling them over to celebrate she was happy to see that her parents were joining in with the party. Lyric watched with pride in her heart as Anderson and Cora became teens birthday cake included.

02-28-17_11-05-00 PM.png


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