Oakenward #10

Lyric let out a long sigh as she got up from her place beside their garden letting go of her memories of the night before as she did. Looking over at her brother and sister cheerfully playing in the morning light she smiled well they would definitely keep growing. She would too in fact today was her birthday.  She would be officially a young adult.  Calling over Cora as Anderson she asked them if they wanted to try making a cake with her.  They seemed rather enthusiastic about the idea so they spent the rest of the morning piling icing on a vaguely white cake. However when it came time for her to blow out her candles she couldn’t help but wonder how her stomach would be in a few hours. 02-27-17_1-19-38-amWhen they asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said A nap last night had worn her out.” They cheerfully said “We will be so quiet you won’t even know we are here.” Staggering to her bed she set an alarm on her phone so she wouldn’t sleep all day. She should have known they were up to something, because when she woke up everything had been cleaned and the trash had been taken out. 02-27-17_12-14-47-pm

It was with great pomp and circumstance that they carefully handed her their home-made presents Cora had made her a happy potion and Anderson had drawn her a picture. Tucking them away into her pockets she felt her heart squeeze with joy at their thoughtfullness. “Come on guys let’s go somewhere its my birthday.” “How about we check out the library?”  Anderson nudged Cora and giggled as he said “The library? Really?” ” Lyric is as bad as you sis, always learning something.”

Lyric got a giggle of her own as their bus blew by the library on the way to the city. Their voices saying insistintly “It’s right there.” “We passed the library.” “Where are we really going.” kept her entertained as they went instead to San Mysuno’s  famous park. She hadn’t been there since the family had moved. In an almost defiant mood since talking to her father the night before she had wanted to go. To prove to herself there was no real danger. The park was as beautiful as she remembered. Cora and Anderson both seemed to enjoy everything it had to offer.

02-27-17_1-58-18-am02-27-17_1-33-24-pmIt was while she was at the food vendor that she saw a now hiring sign. Funny that she had come all the way to the city to find a job at home. A new restaurant was opening in their neighborhood. The hours didn’t look too bad either. At least she wouldn’t have much of a commute, and she wouldn’t have to  wear that horrible orange and white uniform anymore. They stayed at the park as late as they could before making their way to the last bus ride out of the city that night. Lyric smiled as she watched Anderson stumble slightly on his way to bed. It had been a good day for them all. Just how she liked them.


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