Oakenward #8

Parenting was hard. It had started late one evening as she and the twins sat in their favorite spot behind the gym doing their homework. Some lady had come out of the gym not even taking the time to change out of her towel and immediately started yelling at Anderson.  Apparently he had picked up something of hers from the locker room. Once that had been smoothed over by Lyric getting him to give it back. Lyric realized that it was time to have a serious talk.

What in the world?

The next day Lyric told Anderson to meet her at home.  He seemed to know that he was in trouble.  Taking him with her down to the fishing hole. Lyrics head buzzed with thoughts as she tried to find the words to explain why taking things from other people was bad.

What to say, What to say.

“Look Anderson,” she began “I know that we don’t have as much as everyone else.  However you need to look at what we do have.  When we first got here all we had was a refrigerator.  Now we have actual beds to sleep in at night. ”  Anderson gazed out over the water like he could not look at her. Then he said in a small trembling voice  “but the only reason we have the things we have is because you work all the time.”  The silence was pregnant with his sadness. Lyric had no idea how to fill it. Anderson went on his voice a little stronger. “I thought if I could just swipe some good stuff I could sell it and make lots of money. I mean they all have so much and this way you wouldn’t have to work so hard.”

Oh dear he is trying to grow up too fast!

His words shot straight to her heart. He was just trying to protect her in his own way. ” Oh Anderson, while that sounds like a great idea. You need to realize that the stuff that you take from people they had to work for just like me.  So by swiping things you are just making their lives harder to make our life easier.  I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to get money that way.  We are Oakenwards dad always taught me that made us strong protectors. Does taking things from people and making them work harder really seem like we are protecting them?”

Now there is my goofy brother!

Looking up at her Anderson made a swiping motion in the air and grinned “At least I know I am fast.”  Smiling at his silliness Lyric shook her head at him. “No more Anderson. I am serious on that.” “I know, I know, I was just joking. I promise I won’t Lyric.  I am a Oakenward too ya know. ”  Anderson’s little voice was so serious that time Lyric let herself put at least one worry aside.

Thank goodness for this gym!

The next time they were at the gym a new problem reared its ugly head. When she came out of the gym after her shower to begin their daily homework session. She found both Cora and Anderson sitting at their favorite table. Grinning like goons as they looked over at her wearing just towels. “What are you doing? Put on your clothes.” she exclaimed as they burst into giggles at her horrified face.

You would not believe!!

Cora finally managed to say as she gasped for breath “the lady that yelled at,” hiccup “at us didn’t.” hiccup. Lyric felt her own giggles spill up her throat at their silliness. Sitting down across from them she pulled out her homework. Grinning to let them know that she appreciated the joke she said “Go put back on your clothes, you silly goose’s let’s get our homework done so we can get home.” Laughing and giggling they ran back inside to change. Lyric shook her head in exasperation and grinned again. As she thought to herself wow, parenting is hard.


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