Waiting with bated breath

In case you guys don’t know, I have the basics for this story already scribbled down. By basics I mean one 5 to six word line for each generation I hope to play. I have the rest of the very mutable story in my head. As I play I take pictures when things seem to be lining up. I try to play out at least a week ahead in the Oakenwards lives. So I don’t go on a tangent with my writing that I cannot get matching pictures for in-game. I also tend to follow whims now. So that makes it a little trickier finding those perfect pictures and moments. Now for the bated breath part. I was happily playing today getting ready for next week. Clicked on the save and while that lovely little timer tumbled over and over. My cable flickered. The TV announced it had no internet. This happens a few times a day so I thought nothing of it. However when I got back to the family to play…DuN DUN DUUUUUN none of their icons would show. Just empty little boxes appear instead of the sims portraits. I shrugged to myself, no big deal must be a weird lil bug and restarted the game as that usually clears things up. Waited through the loading screen to the main menu selected the Oakenward game and waited….and waited….and waited ahhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooo whimper. Nothing happened it might still be loading somewhere in another dimension. Ok, Ok,  I tell myself calm calmmmm you have not just lost the Oakenwards to the ether of the game. This is not Sims 3. I proceeded to take myself online to find out how to fix this problem. I discover with an easy search that Crinchit has already found a way to deal with part of it by resetting the game without losing all the files. However it is a process. Apparently the most efficient way is to make a backup and proceed to delete one save at a time. While waiting with bated breath as you restart the game. Then checking to see if the next game is corrupted. I did this eight times I watched Lyrics 2nd kid disappear her first kid disappear her marriage disappear her job disappear her brother and sister went back to teens. Just when I thought that I might end up using the original family from my library the pain stopped right where I left you guys.  At their birthday.  So I suppose I get another go at trying to get Cora the Whiz Kid Achievement. Sigh… ahh well so it goes.  I have managed to get a few sim days of play in so there will be an actual story post later tonight. Just thought you should know why its coming out a little late.


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