So as I play… I build

Well, just as the title says as I play I build. Either for background, for pictures in the story, or because well.. I like to build. It’s very relaxing for me. Thought I would put up pictures of the builds that I like to play with in my games. With links to them in the Sims 4 Gallery. As well as any mod links that I use to have them play better.02-07-17_12-03-37-am Y’all have already seen the Supreme Beauty & Spa in a previous post as well as in the story. However I added links so that you could get to it in the gallery. As well as a link to the mod that has the vendors for the cafe and the spa show up at the same time. So without further ado I will go with the next build that is used in the story and most likely will be used again.

The Gesele Science Center

As you can tell I found out how to use the buydebug cheat in my game.  Which gives you access to every object in game.  Just for your info and as a great resource for all things sims Carls Guide Community  has an excellent explanation on how to use it as well as a lot of other “cheats”. Now for pictures let’s all say yay for pictures (as you can tell I am a little tired as I write this Generation 2 came out for the PokemonGo game so hubby and I have spent a great deal of time walking around in circles today) 02-01-17_2-26-12-amThis would be the frontish side of the building. I say Front-ish because it built on a diagonal slant. I love dragons so when I discovered you could use the bracket keys to make things bigger these little guys suddenly got bigger. As much as I love the metaphor of dragons playing chess. I found when I downloaded it from my gallery to a new neighborhood that the big chess set just disappears.  I simply went into build mode cloned a new one, hit the bracket key and set it down again. However the more I think on it the more I figure just typing in the moo cheat before placing the lot would work also. 02-01-17_2-27-04-amHere is the side where Cora spent most of her time on her birthday. Nothing more to say about it really. Although I am glad I managed to jam a picnic table and grill onto the lot because a most of  the npc sims seem to be hungry all the time.02-01-17_2-28-09-am-3This is the back side of the building. Have to say the alien world which you can find once you reach level 10 (as long as you have Get To Work) with your rocket science. Is very pretty. Of course I like blue so I had to include some of the plants from there. It seemed to go well with the translocation warp and the rocket pad. 02-01-17_2-30-02-amThis is the Aquarium side of the museum. I had fun putting up every fish I could find while trying to make a room without walls for any family with toddlers. I was going for a family science museum feel for this museum. So there are plenty of things that a kid can do to build their science skill here. However I did not take in consideration that rocks have an energetic aura when I built this other half. 02-01-17_2-30-41-amSo my sims get very energetic whenever they come here.  Which really messed with Cora being able to get her whiz kid achievement. With her lifestyle at home “not having walls” getting her to focus long enough to finish her homework ended up being impossible. Which for you non-Sim players no walls means you can’t hang up paintings that give your sims a focused buff. You can only get the whiz kid achievement by having the sim finish its homework while focused.  However it was great for Lyric who had energy to make it the rest of the day because of the energetic buff.  So there you have it. With both the good and the bad.


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