Oakenward #7

Lyric was working harder than ever since she could not take anymore vacation without hurting her grades. However she had managed to get a job. She was just working a few days a week but combined with the garden sales soon she would be able to get a stove.

Ughh the smell of old grease.

She was determined that by Cora’s and Anderson’s next birthday she would be able to bake them a cake. They had pretended they did not mind not getting one this time. Which was sweet of them. However she did not want the strained cheerfulness to happen again.

“Happy” Birthday Cora and Anderson!

She had taken them into town on their birthday. First to the gym. Where she got them all a family membership. Plumbing at home or not Lyric had figured out how to get them all a shower every day.


Then they had gone to Geseles Science Center.

Oh its just a donation box. Yes.

Lyric had been a little worried about entrance fees. It had been a big relief that there were none.

Wonder whats in here.

Cora had spent most of the day in the observatory. Once she had finally come out she said in a wondering voice “The patterns of the stars look like a song. I would have never seen it without that thing.” Lyric knew in that moment she would have to find an instrument for her soon.

Look at all these people and toys!

Anderson had spread his easy charm to everyone he met. Granted she had to make him take back a toy that he had found. He had tried insisting that it was his when it was time to go home. While that was something she knew she would have to worry about later. She was too happy that she could do something fun with her brother and sister on their birthday. To be too stern with him.

So then we headed down here for a birthday treat!

Lyric herself had made a friend that evening. They had talked and played chess right next some cool dragon sculptures. While she waited on Anderson and Cora to get done with playing.

Tired or not gotta get this homework done. 

Lyric realized as they settled down at the end of the night.  Anderson and Cora were getting old enough to easily take into town every day without suspicion. It looked like life was going to get easier for them all. Since seeing her mom her grief had eased and it seemed theirs had lightened as well. While part of her still wondered why so much tragedy had happened to her family. It looked like the Oakenward family might make it. Tired or not.



4 thoughts on “Oakenward #7

      1. cathytea says:

        Hi! Unfortunately, my work schedule suddenly became busy, so I’ve had to put Book Club on break for a while. 😦

        When we start it up again, I’ll get back in touch and see if you’d like to have your story read! 🙂

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