Oakward #5

Her mom had changed a few months before they had moved here.  Leaning back in the chair she pulled out her phone that still had their pictures in it. Letting herself remember for a few moments. Her mom had been a food critic who wrote a column for the local paper. Always on the go but always with a smile on her face.

Deanna with Orson facing away from the camera before his haircut, at one of the local food booths.

One evening she got a call from her editor a new food booth was generating a lot of buzz. The editor wanted her to go check it out. That kind of thing happened often enough that the evening still seemed normal. The twins waved good-bye with happy confidence knowing that she would be home soon. Lyric’s mom had gotten home from work and as usual went and changed immediately. When her father had gone to give her the traditional welcome home hug and kiss. She reacted like no one in her family had ever seen.

It didn’t get better. It only got worse.

Orson tried to work it off with a run while Lyric took off into the city.

They did not understand what had just happened both of them were completely unsettled by the whole thing.  A few hours later however her mom Deanna returned to normal. Shrugging it off as stress from going back to work so soon after having the twins Orson had encouraged Lyric to let go of her anger. To try to see it in an understanding light.

Stress can do funny things now that she knows how stressed she is she will take more time for herself.

That worked for both of them for a short time. Then her mom did it again except this time she was actually physically violent.

This time when her dad had tried to get Lyric to be understanding she was not having it. “No, Dad.” she had said decisively. “You have always said that if a guy ever hits me I am supposed to call the cops and get away from him.”  “It’s no different just because you are a guy.”

Just because you are a man does not mean you take getting beat on.

“I am not saying it’s right.” her father had said “but you did not see her eyes.  They were not her eyes they seemed dead like something else was controlling her.”


“If it happens again I promise, I will call the doctors.” Lyric had still felt uneasy about the whole thing. She knew Deanna was her mom and she loved her dearly. Those last few weeks had been like living in a minefield. She hadn’t told her father about the things that had happened when he wasn’t home.

“I will come for you when no one is looking.” “Mwahhahaaaa!”

For the same reasons he had not called the cops yet. Something was not right with her mom. Something dark and deep inside her was not right and had not been right since she came home that night. Then it happened. This time her mom attacked her dad while the twins were home and in front of Lyric.


Get the cops! Call 911!

She didn’t think there could be a worse memory than watching her dad trying to hold her mom’s flailing arms away from him as he yelled “Lyric, Call the cops! Call them Now!”

Of course now she knew better.

He still adored her even with her fragile mind.


Her mom was gone. Just like her dad.  What had been a fresh start for them after her mom got out of the institute with a clean bill of health. Had become an end, for them at least.


Up Up and AWAAAY!!


Anderson yelled jarring her out of her memories. It was good to hear his voice even if he did yell all the time now. It had taken him a while to even make any sound after the Grim Reaper had shushed him.  Putting away her phone she walked over to see what he needed.  “UP Up he shouted” his voice full of joy from being clean and alive. Howling with laughter when she complied.  Lyric smiled again life couldn’t be all bad not when she had these cuties to hang around.

Note from the Author: for anyone dealing with anything like this in real life it is not a curse, you can get help contact http://www.thehotline.org/ for help this is abusive behavior in a nut shell. If you feel your computer might be monitered call 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3334


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