Oakenwards #3

Lyric had complained that morning because her father had insisted they take the time to hook up the refrigerator and set up the high chair.  She had wanted to go to the beach that she had heard so much about. Now it looked like it might be all they had for a while.


How on earth was she going to get them anything more. She had found a few of the twins toys in their luggage so that would help occupy their time. However even beds would be a problem getting all the way out here. She had tried calling the moving company and they had requested to speak to her dad.


She knew if she told them the truth there would be trouble.  Her father had made it seem as though it was just a great adventure.  Moving to the beach far away from the city. Now though, they were on their own. Lyric knew if she told anyone that she was trying to take care of her brother and sister on her own some official would get it in their head that they would be better off with a different family.


She didn’t know how Cora and Anderson would do by themselves surrounded by new people. God forbid they got split up in the system.  They even looked at her as an intruder to their little world and she feed them. As close as a person could imagine twins to be that was Anderson and Cora. Still she needed to figure out how she was going to get them at least the necessity’s beds, food, clothing. It was as she was going over flashcards with Anderson that she had the idea


She must have been in a panic before it was so simple. It was in their name for goodness sake. Oakenward.

They had gotten the name being gardeners long ago. Fresh produce and flowers were easy enough to sell. As long as she was careful they would just think she was buying presents with her spare gardening money. Patting the last seed into the ground she realized how hungry she had gotten. Going to the refrigerator she pulled out something to eat. Taking that first bite of the cold cereal she realized that Anderson and Cora were not where she left them scanning the horizon she spotted them before she panicked.


They were only two tiny lumps in the distance but she knew. Walking over to them she paused a moment to imprint the picture into her memory. This was why she had to do everything she could to keep them with her. Here on this land where their family had shrunk.



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