Oakenward #4

The first few days after the loss of their parents. Were a rush of trying to make it to school and still having time to teach Anderson and Cora the things they would need to know.


Most of the time it was dark by the time they got home and there was alway a debate as to who needed the bathroom the worst.

Of course Lyric used the word bathroom a little ironically. Without having her father or mother around to hire construction crews the bathroom consisted of a bush. She had found just on the edge of the clearing that would hopefully one day have a house.


She spent most of her spare time trying to figure out how she could con a plumber to put in a sink or luxurious as it would be a real toilet. Then came the problem of the baths.  Most days thank goodness the twins got a bath in daycare however when the weekend came they were out of luck.


It was a Saturday, hot, the twins stank, she stunk ,and their little potty’s were stinking to high heaven. When Lyric finally snapped. Cora just looked at her with big eyes while Anderson wailed in the background holding onto his pony tired of being dirty.


She had heard about a new spa that had just opened one neighborhood over.  She could take them there and no one would know who they were shaking off her fear she headed out.


The smell of the little bakery was wonderful to Lyrics nose. While the wonder of being clean seemed to add afterburners to Anderson’s run while Cora was fascinated by the toilet. “Wook Wook she shouted there is waawaa in there.”


All that excitement seemed to wear out the twins and for the first time that evening  Lyric had a few moments of quiet. She tried to lose herself in playing a solitary game of chess. Only to find that  empty chair across from her reminded her of happier times. When her mother would sit across from her helping her learn the game.









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