Oakenward #2

Time seemed to stop that night when her parents died. 02-05-17_3-38-27-am


She didn’t even notice the sun enter the sky.02-05-17_3-39-19-am

The sobs of Anderson and Cora became soft whimpers fuzzy and distant to her own sorrow.


Over and over she could hear her father’s voice “You are a Oakenward remem…” His eyes glazing with death still locked with hers. “Ber!”  She shouted at the sky when the grief began to morph to anger. “I am an Oakenward remember!  THAT’S the whole sentence”  Her voice cracked over the last word, clogged and aching  from the amount of tears that she had shed.  That feeling of pain helped pulled her farther out of her own head. Just as the sounds of her young brother and sisters bewildered crying pulled at her heart to help them.


“I am an Oakenward remember.. ” this time the words were spoken with granite resolve. As she looked at the two small toddlers and realized what her father had meant. This family though smaller was on her teenage shoulders now and she would remember.



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