Have to admit…

When I first started this legacy I was just looking for a challenge. Something to make playing with the little dolls a little harder. Something to pull me out of building and back into the actual gameplay. I flicked through the forums saw some of the story’s and thought ohh that looks fun. Read up a little on how to make a story and jumped in as is my wont. After a few days of working on the pics and figuring out the basic storyline of how this family was cursed. I decided to look around at what was out there as other stories.  That is when I found this writer called CathyTea here is the link https://cathytea.wordpress.com/  and began reading her Goofy Love legacy.  It fascinated me and taught me a great deal that I didn’t even know about the sims. Once or if you get to gen seven you will see what I mean. All  her writing slowed me down. Got me to zoom in and follow my sims whims a bit more. The end result is a much more fascinating story. That while YeeEss I will still follow my shadow of a storyline it is much more in depth and involved in my sims lives. So to sum up it gave me and in the end you a much better read. Soo let’s all say thanks to CathyTea!!


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