Beginning to Build the Neighborhood

I have never put much thought into what it takes to write a story off of a legacy.  At first thought it seems you play a little Sims. Take some pictures and caption the glory. However, as I sat down to start I realized she will need a backstory.  Oh dear, I will need pics for those flashbacks.  Ok well I think to myself that’s not hard to fix. I pull her original family out of my library. Play a little get some good pic’s too which I won’t share till the right moment. 🙂  Settling  down in my chair with my finger hovering over the camera button grinning ready to play my legacy. The screen loads back to her lot…oh no it’s thursday in sim world. Was planning to start on a tuesday so the once weekly shopping can happen without killing her on bills.  Hmm well I guess I could look at that as a challenge I’m good with challenges I will start her on thursday anyway. I hear  Knock Knock Knock, shake head and big sigh. Yup someone is at my house in real life.  Gotta love the universe.  I was glad to see Nimaway who stopped by just as I was beginning to play. She is very into sims as well so our conversation went something like this. “How are you? Good to see you.” she glances at the tv as she sits down. “Is that Sims 4?! Yeah, It’s great do you want to see it?”  I promptly start showing all the cool new gadgets that comes with the expansions I have. “and look I can even do yoga go to a spa all that stuff.” “Really ooo she says show me the spa….”crap I don’t have one in any of these worlds….Sooo for the last few days (yes I know I am slow) I have been building a spa/cafe for the world here is a picture of it. Well a picture of the back of the spa anyway. The name is Supreme Beauty Spa & Cafe.02-06-17_11-22-11-pm

Here is some from the front

The front of Supreme Beauty Spa & Cafe.

And the insides02-07-17_12-04-33-amGotta have a shower02-07-17_12-04-58-am

Soo finally  get done with the spa. Yay I can now play my legacy!   Then realized as I was putting it onto the gallery that you guys have no idea why the story has not started yet. Basically because I had no idea how much time it takes to do all the behind the scenes stuff.  I will say this though, it is a pretty spa. Nimaway ended up staying most of the night the first night just helping me pick out colors.  I will be playing my legacy for pics  tomorrow and will upload the first chapter by evening. Hope this finds you all well and enjoy the day.

P.S. here is the mod link so that you can get vendors at the spa and the cafe at the same time TS4 Download:Auto NPCs Barista and Stall Vendor  hope you enjoy!


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