Oakenward #1

“NO, you don’t understand.”  Her father’s voice seemed to echo in the sudden quiet. Lyric stood holding Anderson’s and Cora’s hands. No where seemed safe.  She had never believed sims when they said they had seen the Grim Reaper. She believed them now because she was watching her father beg for her mother’s life. 02-07-17_2-42-30-pm-2

“Boav blahdoo. ” said her little brother pulling him closer to her side her grip tightened on him.  The grim reaper’s head turned toward them.  The weight of his gaze hit Lyrics shoulders. She felt as though she was going to be pushed into ground.  Ignoring her father the grim reaper started  toward them now.  Pushing Cora behind her leg, she picked up Anderson putting him on her hip. She did not bother hiding her fear only his eyes. She pulled his face toward her shoulder.02-07-17_2-51-37-pm-2

There was nowhere to run or hide. Her parents had just bought this property. It was just an open plot of grass. The treeline was simply to far to get to before the grim got to them. Apparently Anderson did not like her pushing at his head  and exploded with tears and babbling “Blah too chec!” spouted Anderson that the top of his lungs. Sneaking a glance at the  grim reaper she realized it was almost to them as Anderson continued to yell at Lyric trying to quiet him. Turning her eyes away seemed to be the only thing she could do as the icy air around death spilled onto her skin. For the first time she heard his voice a low rumble vibrated through her.  “Ahhhhh little one it is not your time yet hushhh nowww.”  Surprised at the gentle tone of his voice she looked up. The darkness under his hood hid his face. No clues were revealed to her for having the bravery to face him. Instead she watched a skeletal hand move toward her brothers face. One finger extended touching Andersons wide open sobbing mouth “hushhhhhhh” instant quiet reigned.


“No, NO, don’t you dare.” her father’s voice rang with rage. The hood of the grim turned toward him. As her father’s hand came down heavily enough to give an empty thump against the grim reapers shoulder like it was hitting an old log. “Fine” the voice rumbled “then you come too.”  A scythe appeared in the grims reapers hand. As he floated up and around to face her father once again. It seemed feather like in grims hand as he brushed her father across the chest with its long blade.02-07-17_2-48-29-pm-2

Lyric felt her chest tighten as the man who had loved and protected them fell to his knees. His eyes flickered onto her and locked there as his body seemed to deflate. “YOU are an Oakenward remem…” flat to the ground his body tumbled. She couldn’t move holding the too quiet Anderson ,feeling Cora’s fingers digging into her leg. She stared her eyes flickering from her mother’s body to her father’s body back and forth.02-05-17_3-12-38-am

“Until later then..” she heard the grim reaper rumble. A crack seemed to split the night. A  ripple of space and time and the grim reaper disappeared.  Leaving them alone with the bodies of their parents.


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