Meet the Oakenward’s

Well I spent today putting together the family that I was setting up for the Cursed Legacy. Their last name is Oakenward hopefully that will remind them of the strength needed to make it through their cursed life. Here is a first picture of the family.

02-05-17_1-29-58 AM.png

Before tragedy strikes. I figured a little preview with names and faces might help get us started. The true Founder of the legacy is Lyric Oakenward-with the blue hair, Her mother with the hippie skirt is Deanna, toddler in the background is her brother Anderson, Her Father Orson is playing with Andersons twin sister Cora. Sorry about the sim bobble in Cora’s head but hey I actually managed to get a decent pic. It is much much harder to kill off sims in sims 4.  Compared to what I am used to coming from sims 3. Sigh. Wanted to kill off her parents in different ways. Which is not death by exhaustion.  (shift+ctrl+c) sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning  However 2 sim days later and they were still alive. So going with the easy cheat now, want to get into their actual story. I will be writing from inspiration that their playing gives me. So not even getting to start the legacy yet was holding me back a bit.


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