The Cursed Family Legacy

So I have played this Frankenstein of a legacy for a while now. Told my best friend about it and she laughed a week later told me she is loving it. So decided to share. Long ago put it up on the sims 3 website. However computer died ,life happened and now I am playing Sims 4.  Decided this time would share the story of the family as I tested it out.
Start family with both parents dying 1st day (can use cheats to kill) A great website that has list of them and that I use for all things sims is   leaving at least 2 babies/toddlers and teen behind.
*Only heir can do things that make money
 *Can be only Female or only Male Heirs throughout challenge.

*With each consecutive generation as soon as heir reaches child to teen birthday kill parents.

* Only spare can stay even if married. However when spare has children spare and spares children must move out. The rest of siblings move out at young adulthood birthday.
*Spare may not contribute money/collectibles. If heir dies dump all spares collectibles and delete money that comes from Spare. You can use only what heir left. (ctrl+shift+c type in money amount use negative to make amount smaller)
*Spare and other brothers sisters can have job as long as you delete money they make.
*Spare and heirs spouse does not earn points toward legacy.
*Spouse may provide toward collections.
*Spouse may help with money
* All household can contribute toward skill points until moved out
* Must make friends with and move in each heir/founder ghost and their spouses as ghost. You can move them out as family size grows too big starting with oldest ghosts
    (I just make an unplayed family and put them in it)
*any children born before heir die right after graduation (can move their ghost into house same ghost rules apply you do not have to move them in)
*Heir must have eye color of founder or spare
* Heir must be same sex as founder
* If you don’t mind mods I use these to give the founder and heirs genectic unatural hair colors. don’t mind mods
*Graves must stay on lot throughout legacy. cannot banish ghosts
*Lot must be bulldozed when first generations parents die.
*Cannot use lot type to your advantage. If own City Living lot types of Cursed, Gremlins and Quake Zone.
*If move lots only after 1st gen must: bulldoze new lot before moving in you can bring furniture from old lot.
*1800 money to start (can use cheat to achieve this if you dont want to use biggest lot) to use money cheat to drop total money to 1800 (ctrl+shift+c) type in “money” “amount” with heir selected. ex) money 1800
*Must Buy Refrigerator and highchair immediately
*Divide money that sim has made that week in half and delete before doing any building or buying. Easiest way I have of keeping info from Sim week to Sim week is to use Notepad on my computer I keep my game in windowed mode to make it easy.
*When past 1st generation for everyone that dies in household delete 8,000 Simoleons immediately upon death.
*Can only buy things once a week (if own City Living can buy from flea market)
*Can only build things once a week
*Can only build 10 by 10 sized room/patio once a week while heir is in Adult stage. Can split it however you want. Might as well take advantage of the good weather.
*Can only buy accessory’s, furniture, fencing, landscaping, skill objects while heir is teen, young adult.
*Can design however you want the Heir sim to look in CAS
* Pick Eye color must maintain throughout all generations. It was hair but toddler’s nixed that.
* Use Random trait calculator for traits and aspirations for every sim a good one to use is
Once again I point you to here for most precise and easy to understand points system simply add these points to their total.
2 points for each sim of 1st gen surviving to adulthood
1 point per gen when spare hits adulthood
1 point per heir getting good toddler
3 points per brother or sister of hier that are younger than heir when parents die that get good toddler
1 point for a honor roll child
1 point for honor roll teen
1 point per job lvl as teen
2 points per job lvl as adult heir and spouse
1 point per founder/ heir and their spouses that have been made permanent ghosts

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